Interactives, Earthquake Exhibit

The Earthquake exhibit is intended to give visitors an understanding of the geologic processes that formed the Earth, communicate their life changing power and also encourage preparedness for them in the future.

I was lead designer on this 3 month long project and collaborated with Exhibits, Creative, Visualization and Digital Engagement Studios. This was the first all in house produced exhibit at the Academy.


The California Academy of Sciences needed a series of exhibit interactives to accompany the Earthquake Exhibit.


Supercontinents: I designed this interactive to show how Pangea broke up around 200 million years ago to create the continents we know today.

USGS Real Time Earthquakes: Partnering with USGS I re-skinned their Earthquakes in Real Time data sets to fit within the Earthquake exhibit. The interactive responds to search filters and displays recent earthquakes that are happening all over the globe.

Photo Album: I designed this interactive to immerse the user in photos from the Loma Prieta and the 1906 earthquakes in San Francisco. The images a coupled with quotes from people who experienced the earthquakes at that time.

Preparedness Calculator: I designed this interactive to respond to filters and display the amount of food, water and pet food you would need to survive an earthquake.

World Wide Telescope Journey: I designed this interactive to show historical earthquakes that happen all over the globe.

  • Role: UX, UI, Visual Design
  • Agency: In House Project With California Academy of Sciences
  • Users: All Ages
  • Year: 2012
  • Press: SF Examiner Article
  • Supercontinents:

    Concept, Visual Design and Exhibit Space.
    The globe animates to illustrate to the user the breakup of Pangea at that point in time.

    Preparedness Calculator:

    The user dials in the amount of adults, children and pets they have to survive an earthquake for a given amount of time.

    USGS Real Time Earthquakes:

    I re-skinned the USGS interface to fit within the Earthquake exhibit. The user is able to find earthquakes that have recently happened by filtering the options on the interface.

    World Wide Telescope Journey:

    Our planet has earthquakes that happen all over the world, this exhibit gives the user a guided tour of those earthquakes.

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