Ipad Interface, Animal Attraction

Bright diverse colors, preying mantis, and a series of ipads coupled with 18 aquarium tanks marks the California Academy of Sciences Animal Attraction exhibit.


The California Academy of Sciences needed an Ipad interface that allowed users to become immersed in the unique world of animal mating strategies and reproductive behaviors.


Acting as a guide the ipad allows the user to discover the diversity of animal mating through images, information and video communicates the diversity of the animal kingdom. We were the first public Aquarium to use iPads as exhibit labels, paving the way for our future interactives in the museum experience.

  • Role: UX, UI, Visual
  • Company: California Academy of Sciences
  • Users: All ages
  • Year: 2011
  • Press: Destination Insights Article
  • A demo of the interface
    User Flow
    User Flow Levels
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